Functional Mask


This range of functional mask sheets is made of ‘Japanese Cotton’ which is lighter and thinner providing more than 10 times of absorbency compared to traditional fabric. It is pure, gentle, and comfortable for any skin types. It is serum-based filled with various vitamins, natural oils, and minerals that enhance your skin. This multifunctional disposable mask is pre-cut and pre-dosed with botanicals, anti-oxidant & other premium skin activators. Get an instant dose of radiance and glow in 20 minutes.

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Directions to use:

Wash your face with water & pat it dry completely before using the mask.

Open the pack & gently take out the mask layer. Place it on your face & smoothen the mask out around eye & lip areas so it fits evenly.

Just sit & relax for 15 to 20 minutes and let your skin absorb the serum completely.

Remove the mask & gently massage your face & neck area letting the excess serum absorb into your skin


  • Made with ‘JAPANESE COTTON’
  • Serum Based
  • Designed & Formulated in Korea
  • Prevents the mask’s serum from evaporating
  • Environmental Free
  • High-Level Adhesion
  • Liquid absorbency and retention are very high

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Anti-aging & Revitalizing Serum Mask, Brightening & Moisturizing Serum Mask, De-Tan & Lightening Serum Mask, Detoxifying & Hydrating Serum Mask, Purifying Men Serum Mask, Refreshing & Glowing Serum Mask


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