Kajal & Eyeliner


Color Fx Eyedentity, a duo of Kajal & Eyeliner is so intense that it gives an extra spark to your beauty. It is made from water-repellent ingredients like Polyethylene which creates an elastic film-in combination with high melting synthetic wax. For its unique smooth application feeling in one gliding stroke and its lasting properties, it is created by volatiles like Isododecane. So get ready to show your inner boldness and make your own identity!

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How to use

Kajal: Starting at the inner corner of the eye, draw a neat line along the waterline.
Eye Liner: Starting once again at the inner corner, add a bold stroke along the upper lash line


Versatile Use – Kajal & Eyeliner
Intense colour in one gliding stroke
Lasts for 10 hours as Eyeliner
Lasts for 7 hours as Kajal
Smudge-proof & transfer-proof


2 in 1 – Kajal & Eyeliner
Single stroke application
All-day wear
Made with organic ingredients


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