Sugar Baby – Wedding Collection


Sparkle up your exquisite wedding outfits with our elegant & shimmery shades. Be it any occasion, this beautiful range of shades will rock every pre to the post-wedding event. So go Fx yourself to have a picture-perfect wedding!

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How to Use?

1. Apply the first thin coat of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry
2. Apply a second and/or third thin coat of polish in three strokes and let it dry
3. Apply an even layer of top coat to each nail and you are good to go.


1. Non-toxic colors
2. Non-yellowing US formula
3. Unique ‘U’ shape brush
4. Easy application

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Shade 101, Shade 102, Shade 103, Shade 104, Shade 105, Shade 106, Shade 107, Shade 108, Shade 109, Shade 110, Shade 111, Shade 112, Shade 113, Shade 114, Shade 115, Shade 116, Shade 117, Shade 118


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